Attorney Gereral, Crypto Market Crash New York AG calls for whistleblowers “deceived or affected” amid Crypto Market Crash


New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has opened the doors for investors who may have witnessed misconduct at a Cryptocurrency company amid the extreme market volatility and the company banning withdrawals to file a complaint as a whistleblower.


In a Monday notice, James called on New York-based Cryptocurrency users who have been locked out of their accounts at Cryptocurrency Exchanges or lending platforms, unable to access their funds, or “deceived about their cryptocurrency investments” to contact the New York office of the Attorney General. As a whistleblower, an individual filing a complaint with authorities will be kept anonymous the New York Attorney General is website already includes the option to submit relevant files and information through a Tor Browser.


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“Investors were promised large returns on various cryptocurrencies, but instead they lost their hard-earned money,” said James. “I urge any New Yorker crypto investor who believes they were deceived by cryptocurrency platforms to contact my office, and I encourage workers in cryptocurrency firms who may have witnessed misconduct to file a whistleblower complaint.”



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The Attorney General specifically called for crypto investors whose funds may have been affected by the TerraUSD or LUNA now rebranded as Terra Classic (LUNC) crash, as well as those whose withdrawals were paused or accounts were frozen on staking or yield generation platforms such as Celsius, Voyager, Anchor and Stable gains. The New York AG is Investor Protection Bureau will process any complaints received in these matters.


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In terms of enforcement among cryptocurrency companies, the New York Attorney Generals office has apparently been at the forefront among state and federal authorities in the United States. In October 2021, the AG cracked down on two Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms it alleged had been operating in the state without any permit or license by selling and offering securities and commodities. James office also warned cryptocurrency users in June amid the falling prices of major tokens of the risks of the Digital Currency and Assets Market, with investors losing “​​hundreds of billions.”


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