Elon Musk, Crypto Market, Twitter How Elon Musk’s investment in twitter can affect Crypto Market?

Elon Musk is a famous and influential personality in crypto market. He does something on social media and the Crypto Market responses directly with it. Even the smallest of his activities on twitter affects the crypto market, be it him changing his bio and adding bitcoin to it which shot up the BTC price to 20%. With his recent investment in twitter, the whole community is in anticipation of how that move will affect the Crypto Market.


Recently Elon Musk purchased 9.2 % stake worth around 44 billion in twitter which makes him the largest stakeholder of twitter. This made twitter’s share by more than 22% and Musk’s favorite dogecoin going on two months high.


The investment director at Binance labs, Ken Li said “Elon Musk ‘s investment in Twitter could help to increase the acceleration of Twitter ‘s crypto adoption. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will begin adopting Elon ‘s beloved Dogecoin moving forward.” He further added “Elon has always been very public about the concept of a more decentralized and censorship-resistant social media platform, and this is something that blockchain and Web3 technology can help enable.”


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Musk’s admiration about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is not hidden from social media. In February of 2021 tesla made a whooping 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of bitcoin. In march he also announced that bitcoin will be accepted for payment at Tesla which skyrocketed the price of the cryptocurrency. But then his interest switched to DOGECOIN when he publicly claimed that DOGECOIN is much better than bitcoin. All these incidents caused such disturbance in crypto market that it only felt like Musk is manipulating the entire cryptocurrency market.


Now that he is the CEO of twitter as well, we can surely expect that twitter will be taking significant steps in making the platform an ideal one for crypto industry. We can see twitter being a safe platform where the crypto scammers and bots will be caught and eradicated.


How to Exchange Crypto On Coinbase


Coinbase is an American based Cryptocurrency Exchange accumulating over 73million users across the globe from more than 100 countries. The crypto currency exchange platform has more than 225 billion dollars in asset. Being established in 2012 it is considered one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world. Since then, it has regulated more than billions of transactions making it one of the most trusted crytpo exchange as well.





users can start trading by opening an account on the Coinbase Crypto Exchange platform. To create the account users are required to verify themselves. The process of verification is quite easy and


simple on coinbase. Valid government documents are required for the verification. Once you have all the required documents it does not take more than 5 minutes to complete the process. After the account is created and verified users can link their bank account and have access to coinbase wallet.


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To be able to start trading on the Crypto Exchange users need to verify themselves. Coinbase offers more than 100 crypto currencies and accepts more than 18 different fiat currencies. Some of the most traded crypto currencies on website are bitcoin dogecoin etc.


Coinbase offers many different ways for users to deposit and withdraw funds to complete the transactions.


The minimum amount from which you can start trading is of just 2 dollars and the maximum can go up to 50000 dollars of per day limit. The different ways by which customers can accumulate their funds are through their bank account, debit card, credit card, pay pal, google pay, wire transmission. Customers can make direct payment or can even add money in their digital coinbase wallet for the quick transaction.


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