nft ticket From healthcare to entertainment how NFT Tickets can benefit different sectors


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are well known for their usage as digital collectibles and its uses in gaming industries, and now it appears to have captured the imagination of the ticketing market. “NFT tickets offer a more streamlined and efficient system of issuance and offer multiple advantages for both guests and event organizers. NFT tickets are a much more reliable and reliable method of issuing tickets as there is virtually no concern of black marketing, cheating, or trust issues with tickets based on tokenized assets,” Ashish Agarwal, co-founder, Lepasa Metaverse told FE Digital Currency


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It is believed that NFT tickets gained admiration after digital artist Beeple is artwork was sold for more than $ 69 million. As per industry experts, NFTs ensure transparency to the ticketing industry with the help of blockchain technology network. “These tickets offer validation of genuineness and by making ownership transparent,” Farheen Ahmad, CEO, founder, Interality, Web game engine, said. Furthermore, NFT Industry analysts were of the view that NFT tickets are safe to the black marketing and multiple ticket ownership. 



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Further, it is safe to presume that NFT tickets can create a win-win situation for both buyers and organizers and thereby have game-changing influence on sectors including events, travel, tourism, and among others industries involving tickets. “NFT ticketing has a great potential for live shows and music concerts, including streaming platforms which can deliver personalized content based on ownership of a particular event. These tickets allow sharing of data between organizations and brands. This data can be further leveraged to create user personas and optimize marketing and advertisement expenditure,” Saurav Raaj, founder, director, Wize, an NFT infrastructure for businesses company, said.


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