Spanish, Crypto Exchange Due to internal conflicts, Spanish Crypto Exchange Bit2me Will not Accept Users of 2gether


A Spanish Cryptocurrency Exchange called Bit2me announced that internal issues caused the agreement it wanted to close with 2gether to fall through.


The startup planned to take on 2gether is customers after it shut down operations and forced users to pay €20 to continue using the platform after declaring earlier in the month that it could no longer provide free services.


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Bit2me Ends a Customer Absorption Agreement with 2gether


Spanish Cryptocurrency Exchange 2gether is still having issues, having earlier this month barred access to its platform for its users.


Another cryptocurrency exchange, Bit2me, had put out a plan to take on these users and transfer their assets to its system.



But, according to a blog post published by the business, internal disagreements prevented the sale from being finalised.


In the blog post, Bit2me is team explained that:


Bit2Me was determined to offer a solution so that 2gether users could continue trading their cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me. All this, from the good will and without any type of financial compensation between the parties.


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Earlier this month, 2gether barred users from accessing their funds on its platform because it was "unable to maintain free service" as a result of the collapse of the Cryptocurrency Market. The company instructed users to pay a €20 (roughly $20) one-time fee in order to continue using the platform for Cryptocurrency Trading.


Bit2me started negotiations with the exchange to take on their clients in order to retain these clients inside the Cryptocurrency Industry.


About this, Bit2me stated:


Bit2Me is objective with this agreement was to protect the Crypto ecosystem in Spain in order to allow 2gether clients to continue buying and selling cryptocurrencies without selling their positions.


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New Plans--


Bit2me has not given up, either, and is offering clients a deal in which they can transfer their money voluntarily from 2gether to its platform in exchange for a €20 one-time reimbursement.


For this to be applicable, the transferred Cryptocurrency must have a value more than €200.


Over 100,000 users are impacted by the problems 2gether is having, and some of them have already decided to sue the exchange.


This is the situation with Austin, a group of local users who have expressed interest in taking such action.


It stated:


At Austin we are assessing the possibilities of filing a legal claim to inform affected consumers of the steps to follow in the face of this type of closure of ‘Exchange’ platforms.


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