Binance-Cristiano Ronaldo, NFT Cristiano Ronaldo Signs NFT Deal with Binance Crypto Exchange


Amid the current market slump, Cristiano Ronaldo has announced his new non-fungible token (NFT) deal with the Binance Crypto Exchange. At a time when digital currency enthusiasts are reluctant about the current circumstances of the market, this news comes as a nice surprise.


Nevertheless, NFTs have become a phenomenon within the cryptocurrency space as they gained major buzz and popularity in 2021. With many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Paris Hilton having their own NFT collections, it is no surprise that more celebrities want to be a part of the NFT space.


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Whilst the market is not expected to rise sharply to this news alone, it does provide crypto investors and traders with some hope that the market will eventually begin to rise. Already slowly rising over the last week, this Binance-Cristiano Ronaldo deal can help the market rise further.



As Cristiano Ronaldo is the first billionaire football player who is a big fan favourite across the globe, his NFT collection will likely sell out immediately after its launch. This will increase Binance’s audience, and reach and further the crypto market progress.


Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the global cryptocurrency market and is currently ranked seventh on CoinMarketCap. With the launch of this NFT deal, Binance can increase its ranking.


Known to be a market front-runner and a huge competitor, it is a no-brainer that this deal is partnered with Binance. With over 10 million Binance customers, Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT launch is expected to reach a wide audience, in turn, Binance will find new customers that have not been introduced to the cryptocurrency world before.


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The reason for Binance’s success is due to its multi-disciplinary platform,  from being a cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain exchange, and even a launchpad. Binance has attracted multiple users interested in different domains of the cryptocurrency market.


Since the NFT market began to grow last year, there is no surprise that major celebrities are trying to become involved as they can earn large profits. From exchange platforms such as Binance to launchpads such as BoostX, NFTs have taken over various sectors of the Cryptocurrency Market.


For Example- NFT enthusiasts can find upcoming NFT projects on launchpads including BoostX, as well as big NFT deals such as the Cristiano Ronaldo collection on Binance.


In the past, Snoop Dogg is rumoured to have earned $45 million from his NFT deals and it seems likely for Ronaldo to have a similar profit, if not larger. More footballers and celebrities will likely follow Ronaldo’s move and also launch their own NFT collections soon. Furthermore, this deal will be great for major football fans as Ronaldo aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for fans worldwide. According to Binance Exchange, the first collection is set to launch later this year and will feature iconic designs. Additionally, Ronaldo has stated the importance of his relationship with his fans and aims to bring enjoyment to his fans through this collection.


It seems as if NFTs will continue to succeed despite the bear market, there is potential for NFTs to become the future of finance as they become more common in the Cryptocurrency world.


As more celebs enter the NFT space, the sector opens to wider audiences, expanding the Crypto audience.


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