Cardano Vs Altcoin Cardano Price Prediction Vs Altcoin Evergrow


Cardano (ADA) got thumped by 53 fintech experts in the price prediction for the July 2022 month.


The panel of Cryptocurrency Industry analysts slashed their previous end-of-2022 forecasting for the price of Cardano down to $0.63.


The recent ADA price in July of $0.5 gives ADA a forecasted growth of just 26% by the end of the year.


Back in January, these specialists gave ADA a price prediction of $2.79.


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So, what changed?


If you had also like to know about an Altcoin slated for much greater ROI – EverGrow – then its all here for you below.


Lets jump in.


Why did ADA get such a Low-Price Prediction?


The main bone of debate was this: ADA has competition.


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ADA is primarily a blockchain technology platform which means its up against immediate rivals such as Avalanche, TRON, Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, BNB Chain, and Ethereum.


CEO of Router Protocol, Ramani Ramachandran, said that Cardano will either become the worlds most decentralized blockchain platform or it will become ‘nothing’. There will be no middle line.”


Charles Silver, executive chairman of, predicted Cardano would fall to $0.20 by the end of the year 2022 saying there was ‘use case’ for ADA.


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Other panelists said that ADA was slow in its delivery of updates and falling behind its rivals in terms of innovative and attractive projects and developers.


Why does Cardano have such a low TVL?


According to DeFi Llama, as of now, ETH is the clear Blockchain Technology leader with $52.37 billion in Total Volume Locked (TVL).


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ETH is followed by BNB Chain ($6.27 billion), TRON ($5.65 billion), Avalanche ($2.77 billion), Solana ($2.57 billion), Polygon ($1.76 billion), and Cronos ($1.22 billion).


So, where does Cardano fit in?


Down in position 28 with just $125.56 million TVL.


This is such a crucial indicator for Blockchain Technology networks because it’s a sign of how many projects, protocols and decentralized apps exist on the blockchain platform.


ADA was proud to hit over 1760 days without a network outage all thanks to its scientific, rigorous approach to blockchain technology, meanwhile, Solana had two whole outages in the month of June alone.


However, while DeFi lama can find just 12 projects built on ADA it lists 70 built on Solana.


How much would a $1,000 investment in Cardano make me in 2022 and 2025?


It depends at what price you buy ADA in July 2022.


Cardano hit a low of $0.41 and touched a high of $0.54 in July so far.


Buying $1,000 of Cardano at $0.41 gives you 2,439 Cardano and buying $1,000 of Cardano at $0.54 gives you 1,852 Cardano.


Assuming these 53 industry experts are right about the price of ADA will grow to $0.63 by the end of December 2022:


  • If you bought at the low-end, your Cardano holdings would be worth $1,540
  • If you bought at the high-end, your Cardano holdings would be worth $1,1270.


Evidently, buying ADA when prices fall is key to a successful Cardano investment this July 2022.


How much would a $1,000 investment in EverGrow make me in 2022 and 2025?


EverGrow is a small cap Digital Currency with a market capitalization of $90 million with a price in July between $0.00000013 and $0.00000019.


But this is about to quickly change.


EverGrow is fast gaining acceptance among masses after it became the leading reflection coin paying stablecoin passive income in Cryptocurrency.


Here is what you need to know:


  • EverGrow charges transaction tax of 14%
  • From this tax, 8% is redistributed as BUSD to all investors
  • Cryptocurrency passive from a transaction tax is more ascendable and safer than Decentralized Finance lending protocols – e.g., Anchor Protocol, Celsius or Voyager – as there is no fixed APY
  • The idea of EverGrow is not to pay attention to the prices, but to earn your investment back in BUSD as a passive income while holding your $EGC position
  • Buying in before EGCs price skyrockets is a great way to lock in the most promising passive income token in Cryptocurrency


Lets look at the math.


The EverGrow website allows you to calculate your investment returns built by dedicated followers to the project.


For example, the Sleek Finance calculator throws up the following scenario:


  • A $1,000 investment in EGC gets you around $EGC 7.5 billion in July
  • With daily trading volume at $3 million in twenty-four hours, you would earn $122 BUSD in a month and $1,478 in a year – i.e., a 48% return on investment (ROI) without losing your underlying asset
  • But daily trading has the possibility to explode past the 2022 peak of $12 million. If that is held for a month, you could make around $5,911 in BUSD as a passive income


How EverGrow aims to boost trading volume in a bear market


The potential for high ROI from investing in EGC is huge – but the daily trading volume needs to come in for that.


EGC is currently tackling this problem by developing a suite of applications that incentivize $EGC purchases and bring promotion and exposure to the project.


Here is an overview of developments:


  • The first app to drop in the next few weeks is the LunaSky NFT marketplace. The marketplace is tactically built on the BNB Chain which allows minting fees to drop to as low as $0.20 and will compete to become a top marketplace for NFTs.

  • The second app will be the world’s first Cryptocurrency native content creation platform, allowing users to tip and pay for subscriptions in BUSD, BNB and EGC. The platform charges a commission of just 5% – much lower than the 20% of OnlyFans.

  • The Abstract. The third app will be launched into The Abstract – the world’s first cloud-streamed VR gaming arcade in development by the groundbreaking Objective Reality Studios in Ohio, U.S. EGC will build a virtual bank, Creator and an NFT gallery and become the defector native coin of The Abstract.


But that is not all.


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Would not it be great to get an ownership in these cutting-edge apps?


If you invest and hold $EGC, you already do hold a stake.


All gains from the apps will be put towards buyback and burn – to date, more than 53% of the initial $EGC supply has been forever removed from circulation already.


EGC can do this all because its core development members and the chairman only make a salary from BUSD rewards like every other retail investor. They do not pump and dump, they publish their wallet details regularly for audits, and they show investors the way towards earning Cryptocurrency passive income.


Growth potential for small-cap Cryptocurrencies


Investing in small market capitalization Digital Currencies is a great strategy for a high return on investment.


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Here is another assessment.


For EGC to break the cryptocurrency top 50 it needs a market capitalization of around $1 billion. That would mean a growth of 1,329% from its current levels.


Imagine if ADA grew that much?


The ADA market capitalization would have to swell to $226 billion – i.e., surpassing Ethereum, Tether, USDC, BNB, BUSD and XRP.


That kind of growth is very unlikely to happen considering the crypto winter.


But a small market capitalization Digital Currency such as EGC could easily bring in a high return on investment and still have room to keep on growing. In fact, EGC aims to break the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in the span of two years.


If you are looking for a small market capitalization Digital Currency to bring you a high return on investment beyond what Cardano can bring, add some EGC to your cryptocurrency portfolio.


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