Coinbase Exchange Can I Convert My Cryptocurrency with Coinbase Exchange

What is the decentralized exchange (DEX) integration?


Coinbase Wallet's decentralized trade (DEX) joining is a transformation include inside Coinbase Wallet. With this DEX combination, you can rapidly change over the crypto held in your Coinbase Wallet through decentralized trades also called DEXes.


DEXes are conventions running on the Ethereum blockchain that effectively convert ERC-20 tokens. At the point when you utilize this component, you send your assets straightforwardly from your self-custodied wallet to a DEX administration like Uniswap or 1inch. exchange without utilizing a brought together trade like Coinbase. This component is accessible to all Coinbase Wallet clients.


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Since transformations occur on an outsider decentralized trade, it is workable at the cost to vacillate. Changes will execute at a cost inside 2% of the gauge, or the exchange will be dropped and the equilibrium returned.


Remember that Wallet DEX just backings ERC-20 resources.


DEX doesn't uphold:


  1. Cross-chain exchanges
  2. Non-ERC-20 exchanges (for example Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and so on)
  3. Direct financial balance exchanges


How do I access a DEX in the Coinbase Wallet app?



To use the conversion feature in your Coinbase Wallet App:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase Wallet. 
  2. Tap Trade.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to convert, the crypto you would like to convert to, and the amount. 
  4. Verify your biometric (Face ID/fingerprint) or PIN and tap Confirm.


Learn about the Coinbase Wallet Extension on Chrome.



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What are the conversion fees?


Coinbase Wallet currently charges a flat fee of 0.50% on all conversions. Conversion fees help us maintain and improve the Coinbase Wallet experience. 


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Why does Coinbase Wallet charge a conversion fee?


The fees help Coinbase Wallet maintain and improve your experience.


Why did my trade fail?


A trade could fail because of a sudden shift in the exchange price between the cryptocurrencies you are trying to convert. We recommend you wait at least 60 seconds before retrying the transaction. If you continue to encounter this error, please restart the app and check that you are running the most up-to-date version of the mobile app.


If the issue continues to persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Coinbase Wallet app before retrying the transaction.


Important: Make sure you back up your recovery phrase before uninstalling/reinstalling the mobile app. If you lose access to your recovery phrase, you will lose access to your Coinbase Wallet.


Why is my trade still pending?


Network clog and additionally paid gas expenses that are below the current organization normal might be the justification for why your exchange is still in "forthcoming" status.


Ethereum excavators focus on exchanges with the most generously compensated gas expenses. So in the event that your exchange has a lower paid gas expense, your exchange affirmation on the blockchain makes quick work of the line. Therefore, your exchange might turn into "stuck" as more exchanges with more generously compensated gas expenses are added to the organization pool. On the off chance that your exchange has been stuck for a drawn out timeframe, this might be the motivation behind why. You will either have to hang tight for network expenses to drop or supplant the exchange to move it out of "forthcoming."

Coinbase Wallet doesn't presently offer the capacity to change gas costs or supplant forthcoming exchanges, however you can import your recuperation expression into an outsider wallet that upholds these elements. More deeply study this component in this Etherscan article on dropping ETH exchanges.


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How would I get to my change history?


To get to your change history:


  1. Tap on the ideal crypto on the Coins tab.
  2. Tap on the exchange to see the subtleties.
  3. Tap the connection on the base connect to see exchange subtleties.


Note that Coinbase Wallet exchange accounts are not at present exportable.


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