Changpeng Zhao Binance Binance exchange CEO CZ proclamation roman office as a part of regional expansion


Changpeng Zhao (CZ) founder and CEO of Binance exchange proclamation the Crypto Exchange is opening an office in a Europe country. Currently, CZ visits the country and met high-ranking officials and Emphasis on expanding Binance is direct operations to Eastern Europe.


Binance launched Romanian language support this fall with the exchange CEO in Bucharest.


The world leading crypto exchange Binance is opening an office in Romania, CHangpeng Zhao announced this information during his visit to Bucharest, part of a regional tour.


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Binance founder changpeng Zhao CZ in Bucharest Unveiled plans to work in the country and introduce Romanian language support for the exchange. along with Romanian prime minister Nicolae Ciuca and Sebastian Burduja, minister of digitization.



Binance exchange, the trading platform will start Its all services in Romanian from October. Binance plan is to set up an office for wider expansion in eastern Europe. Binance Exchange the world using a platform, around 120 million clients use it to buy and sell various digital currencies and already cover a large portion of the crypto asset market.


“We want to go global by playing locally in multiple markets,” changpeng Zhao, said Romanian business news outlet Profit. “I think Eastern Europe is extremely important”.


The binance continues to expand Its presence in other countries in the former soviet space such as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and majorly in eastern European markets. Currently, the exchange staked new turf in few countries like Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, France, Bahrain and Canada.


Inflation, worsening economic condition and rise energy price  in Europe, have actually focused on cryptocurrencies in the region. In this area the growth potential of cryptocurrency payment is relatively high. Zhao keep in mind. He thought Crypto Market remains in its infancy and also anticipates crypto payment for instance, to become more vital.


The market value fell greatly this year, in the middle of worsening economic and finical conditions by the military conflict in Ukraine. Changpeng Zhao do not know when the descending trend will finish but CZ is more worried with the increasing number of crypto users than rates, the report comments.

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