Azuki NFT Azuki NFT Creators intend to Close the Series A funding in on $30 Million


Azuki NFT creators plan close the deal on Series A funding just one week after the great funding of Doodles up to USD 54 million.


According to Chiru Labs – the creator of the Azuki Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, this strategic initiative aims to get series A funding of at least USD 30 million in the Series A round.


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If this round of funding is successful, Azuki will raise its valuation to USD 400 million. The detailed information on further plans is not yet finalized but will be closed soon. At this time, Chiru and the founder of this NFT project – Zagabond have not yet given any comments on this information.



Azuki is one of the most promising NFT project this year although the NFT market has been plunged from its peak from the end of 2011 until now. This NFT project is an anime-style collection of 10.000 avatars that started on January 2022.


With a huge collection of digital images, Azuki is one of the most valuable NFT collections for creators. In June, 2022, Azuki recorded the second-highest transaction volume with 44.469 Ethereum within 30 days.


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According to data by OpenSea, Azuki value is at 11.2 Ethereum (approximately $14,000).


The NFT space has been down in recent few months and still has not recovered to its peak. Collection NFTs have deceased their revenue, not reaching USD 100 million/week since May this year. This is in contrast to the situation last year when USD 1 billion in revenue/week is recorded in August.


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