As NFT scams proliferate online, Digital Assets sleuths are fighting back

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Non-Fungible Tokens, Decentralised Currencies these are all the
buzzwords going around the world. But in reality, they are much more than just internet hype and
could might as well be future of finance.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens which are digital assets representing real world objects like pictures,
art, music, in game items. NFTs are bought and sold online. Each token has its own unique identity
unlike cryptocurrencies which are fungible. In the recent years NFTs have skyrocketed because of
large interest from celebrities.


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According to a report from Chainanalysis, NFTs have increased their investment from 102 million
dollars to 44.2 billion dollars in 2021.

But the Chainanalysis report also found that "as is the case with any technology, NFTs offer the
potential for abuse." The report also revealed that these sellers reportedly made 8.9 million dollars
from the sale of NFT to those buyers who believe that the NFT they are purchasing is still rising in

But online scams have well been there since the introduction of online transaction of money let
alone the digital assets in which the value and volume is far more.



Nik Horniacek is the cofounder of Rug Pull Finder, a private intelligence company that investigates
NFT projects. He fell for his first NFT scam back in 2021 December when he was exploring a popular
NFT venture that was launching in February. He clicked on the social media link which was supposed
to lead him to the project site but instead drained all his cryptocurrency. From then to this date his
company has exposed nearly 200 scams worth more than 1.3 billion dollars. Nik is one of the many
NFT ‘investigators’ that track and analyse NFTs as more and more big personalities are getting
impressed by it.

These activities only continued to rise which is why federal agencies are developing their efforts to
fight against crypto crime. The US secret service also launched its crypto currency awareness hub
and announced the first director of national crypto currency enforcement team.


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The first ever NFT case was brought forward in march by DOJ about the NFT collection called
Frosties. Two defendants were charged with a million-dollar fraud scheme after investors were
promised the benefits of that collection. All the money which was received from the sales of tokens
was transferred away after they allegedly shut down their website. They were also planning to
launch a second set of NFT which would have made around 1.5 billion dollars.

Daniel Brubaker, inspector in charge of US postal inspection service also stated that "The rise and
popularity of various cryptocurrencies have changed the landscape of buying and selling
investments, leading to ample opportunities for new fraud schemes,"

NFTs are great asset they can be really successful but this also makes it ideal for dangerous scams.
There is no entity which regulates the transactions so funds can be easily moved without monitoring.




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