South Korea, Blockchain technology A Jittery Blockchain Mega week in South Korea


SEOUL, South Korea — Its Blockchain Technology mega week in Seoul, with the BUIDL Asia, Eth Seoul and Korea Blockchain technology Week conferences stacked back-to-back over a 10-day period.


This being the first set of blockchain conferences in Asia post-coronavirus, there should be a certain positive energy in the air. There is an excitement about the return of in-person conferences to the continent – masks and all – but the ghost of the Terra USD (USDT) blockchain technology is spectacular slump still looms large.


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Prosecutors are on a war path in South Korea, raiding exchanges and the home of Terra USD i­­­s founder while prohibition of some current and former staff from leaving the nation.



On stage at BUIDL Asia, the T (Terra) word was not quite forbidden but almost: CoinDesk heard that speakers were told not to mention Terra on stage. Of course, the Streisand effect was in full effect and the word was used again and again to drive home a point.


But that is not the first and the last time there was a certain nervousness around the word.


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Months ago, when LUNA was flaming, CoinDesk reported that Korean VC Fund Hashed had taken a $3.5 billion hit on Terra LUNA coin.


Almost immediately after the article was printed, a public relations representative for Terraform Labs got in touch with CoinDesk – not to dispute the accuracy of the story – the Hashed founder later confirmed the amount in an early August interview with Bloomberg – but rather to ask that language and tonality to be toned down regarding Hashed is participation in Terra is funding rounds. Law enforcement agencies were looking at anyone that touched the fundraise with the country is largest magnifying glass.


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Of course, the question on everyone is mind is, will someone get served a subpoena during Korea Blockchain technology week? So far there have been no reports of process servers gracing BUIDL Asia and Eth Seoul with their attendance, but these were small events for what’s to come.


It was just last year when Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon established that he was served with a subpoena at Messari is Mainnet Cryptocurrency conference by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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