Coinbase Account Recover A Detailed Guide to the Coinbase Account Recovery


Digital currencies have been paving their way to the front by becoming a crucial part of our new-age lifestyles. Cryptocurrencies not only brought us a new concept of the digitized world, it gave a fresh outlook to our financial beliefs and the financial industry as a whole.


If not for Cryptocurrency Exchanges, we could have never been part of the Cryptocurrency Services if there was no link that connects us to the Blockchain network and helps us network with all the cryptocurrency variants that exist as per our requirements.


The cryptocurrency exchange platforms were simply the starting point of a very exclusive journey that will only enhance over time and the Coinbase Exchange has managed to promise and deliver results for the same. Therefore, it carefully made its way to the top and now has the largest client base of all.


Now, even though in general we only have good things to say about the Coinbase Exchange Service, we think it is necessary to know some of the problems user might face and understand their way out. This blog is focused on issues users might face such as failure to access their accounts on the Coinbase Exchange and the Coinbase Account Recovery procedure.


Here, in this blog, we’ll be taking you through the detailed reasons and steps that have been graded significant for the Coinbase Account Recovery procedure and need utmost attention when you undergoing the procedure. We assure you that by the end of this read, you’ll definitely be able to recover your account on Coinbase Exchange with the highest level of efficiency.


How to Get Coinbase Exchange Wallet Recovery Phrase?


Coinbase Exchange Wallet Service in the online realm is designed with premium security features, just to provide a safe place for you to save your cryptocurrency funds. You can store and even hold your funds in your wallet accounts.



Every client account is designed with an account recovery phrase, or let’s say a secret recovery phrase. You can only access the exclusive recovery phrase once, at the time of account registration and that makes it crucial to keep it safe. Also, Coinbase Exchange does not provide any other choice than to safeguard the 12-word recovery phrase as it is the only thing that can help you with the Coinbase Account Recovery.


What About the Coinbase Account Recovery Verification Code?


All of us are aware of the fact that there can be an umpteen number of reasons as to why users might need Coinbase Exchange Account Recovery procedure done. In our experience, we have been noticing a few reasons that have occurred very frequently- invalid Coinbase Account credentials, invalid phone number or email address, severed access to the registered email, issues with the Coinbase Exchange website server, and more.


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When we’re talking about the Verification/Recovery code that users acquire at the time of Coinbase Exchange Account Recovery, it can only mean one thing- the exchange service simply wants to ensure that it is providing access to the rightful owner of the account and not any other person who can bring in unfair means to benefit themselves.


When users try to recover their accounts on Coinbase they have to go through a few steps that come up on the screen, which then leads to receiving verification codes on the registered email, the registered phone number, or maybe both. And once, the verification code is submitted on being prompted, the recovery procedure will be successfully completed.


What is “Coinbase Account Recovery Phone Number”?


As you can make out from the above section, the Coinbase Account Recovery procedure might be easier than it looks and all it requires the users to do is go through a few steps, submit their registered phone number, wait to receive the verification code. The only thing to be kept in mind is that users ought to be typing in the phone number that they submitted at the time of registration.


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Specific details on the Coinbase Exchange Account Recovery email process


We did mention that there are two steps you can opt from- either choose to complete the Coinbase Account Recovery process with your phone number or with your email address. And we for one, would always recommend you to go for the email address recovery option. However, as we’ve mentioned before, no matter which option you go for, you need to make sure that the submitted details are valid.


Came across the Coinbase Account Recovery Not Working Issue?


Well, if you are expecting that the account recovery procedure would be successful in just a few minutes then, we think it’s time you know the facts. The usual time frame for the Coinbase Exchange Account Recovery is 24 to 48 hours and only then can you get back access.


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And you might have to wait for an additional 24 hours just to regain the functionalities to make transactions at their full potential. However, if even after waiting for the general duration, you have been unable to succeed in the recovery, please, ask for help from the Coinbase Exchange Support Team.


Coinbase Exchange 2-Step Verification Troubleshooting Section


As you know, there are multiple reasons that you would need all the security measures that you can take, and among them, it is okay if your 2-step verification for the Coinbase Exchange Account Recovery fails. Here, in this part of the blog, we’ll help you fix it, as and when you encounter the problem:

  • Ensure that you have a stable network connection
  • Ensure that the in-use authenticator app is updated
  • Please check that you have a valid date and time setup
  • The device being used has to be updated so keep track of any new launches


This detailed read has been created to help you understand the specifics of being a part of the Coinbase Exchange along with its associated characteristics, and bigger perks.


Additionally, we have noted tons of users go on to use the Coinbase Exchange Recovery phrase to get back access to their accounts, and thus, we told you how you can do it and whether or not the secret account recovery phrase works.

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